• [The Camp With No Name] 2018

    is a suburban, highly interactive
    artistic camp, based in the suburbs
    of Burning Man.
  • Multiple arts projects...
    including a fire barrel,
    and one of the most successful
    daytime bars in the suburbs
  • Open & welcoming
    Our street front interactivity will be
    open and welcoming to everybody
    in Black Rock City


[The Camp With No Name] - or [TCWNN] - was founded by Jason Avery and Denise Vivar in 2017. Jason and Denise were the founders of the Orphans Too camp back in 2010.  Orphans Too was the first spin-off / sister camp of the Orphans/Endorphins.  Jason was the camp leader of Orphans Too until after the 2015 burn.  [TCWNN] will hopefully be based in 7.30 sector.  There will be differences from Orphans Too :  There will be focus on interactivity and especially art projects.  There will be less of a focus on virgin burners and orphans.