Buck Minster Fuller

Your Mind Will Be Blown!

Noel Murphy brings Buckminster Fuller LIVE!, and Dr Rupert Opie to Burning Man.

Noel is a famous (notorious!) film maker and comedian from the Santa Cruz area.  He has created the performance and is now bringing it to Burning Man.  He will perform at least 3 or 4 times during the week of the burn.  We have not yet set exact times, but it is likely to be Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday.   It is very difficult to describe what Noel does.   The one-man show, "Buckminster Fuller LIVE" is brilliant.  

Now we need Bucky’s Ideas more than ever. Now the people is how to sort out the 50 years of recordings and writings. How to actually describe Fuller accurately. A nearly impossible task over a decade by Filmmaker Noel B. Murphy

It is the brainchild of Noel Murphy, who created it in collaboration with friends of the late Buckminster "Bucky" Fuller. Mr. Murphy wrote the script and brought Mr. Fuller to life with razor sharp wit and boundless energy. Mr. Murphy was able to convey Mr. Fuller's futuristic ideas and ideals, and infuse them with a subtle sense of urgency about the future of the planet (which we think Mr. Fuller would applaud). This is a show not to miss. It is entertaining and provocative. Suffice to say, it is totally wacky. Here is a link to a short youtube intro to his Buckminster Fuller show :